ORRSA provides a full range of activities for turnkey investment and construction projects. The purpose of this service is not only to create or renovate your property, but also to generWate income through real estate commercialization.

Our experts provide services to increase market value of the real estate, calculate the risks in the choice of materials, assess the benefits in terms of the property’s location and provide all services related to obtaining economic benefits from construction.

As part of construction permitting, we provide legitimate grounds for the commencement of a building or renovation project in a specific country.

The necessary documents confirm the construction project’s compliance with the requirements established by the local urban development regulations and with area planning design and area demarcation plan.

Construction management is a multi-faceted service that allows you not to trouble yourself with the details of the construction process and even to be in another country, while being sure that everything will be done properly and on time!

We act as the technical customer and are responsible for project management at all stages:

– organization of the construction process;
– preparation of design estimates;
– construction permitting;
– carrying out all necessary checks and approvals of project documentation (environmental, industrial, fire safety, etc.);
– cost control and management;
– general coordination of project participants;
– document management;
– representing the customer at all stages;
– acceptance and commissioning of the building.

Our designers manage all the processes related to your future home’s appearance, starting from the room layout, lighting, acoustics, choice of finishing materials and ending with the placement of furniture and details of the future interior.

Our portfolio contains the examples of interior designs successfully realized in luxury homes of Berlin, London, France and Russia.

Design consists of 4 stages:

Creation of a house sketch

Such sketch will help to visualize the future project and demonstrate the capabilities of our team. Already at this stage you can see whether the expert understood your idea and realized it on paper.

3D visualization

Having created a paper sketch, we proceed to computer modelling. You will see the result of construction even before the work begins and will be able to make the necessary adjustments.


At this stage, we coordinate the project details with the customer. Every detail is important here and we will keep making changes until the project becomes truly yours.

Cost estimation

This is one of the most important stages, because entire construction budgeting depends on it.

Existing real estate options in Côte d’Azur do not suit you? Consider custom building!

ORRSA is one of the leading Russian-speaking companies in the housing construction business in the south of France.

We divide the construction process into 5 main stages with a detailed report at each of them:

– project preparation,
– earthworks,
– construction of the foundation and frame,
– installation of utilities,
– finishing

Architectural design begins with the architect drawing up their specification together with the client. The materials and the number of tenants are specified, which determines the necessary utility systems. A project draft is made, color solutions are determined. Experts will advise you on the project cost for more accurate adjustable budgeting. You will see the finished project in 3D even before the construction starts.

The basis of any building is the foundation: the main bearing element. It is the foundation that bears the biggest loads both from the building’s use and from external factors. Properly selected type of foundation made in accordance with the designer’s requirements is the key to many years of service. Geologists play an important role in the selection of the foundation type: the foundation is designed only after site exploration (geological survey) has been conducted. Our experts take full responsibility in this matter.

For better stability and reliable protection from the elements, we construct all types of external building envelopes, as well as internal supporting structures of cast reinforced concrete. Our designers will develop the most optimal and stable structure for your home that will not require attention during the entire period of its use. Quality rather than quantity of structures built within the set time period is our team’s priority.

All finishing works on facades and interior finishing works of premises, waterproofing, thermal insulation and soundproofing works. The construction company “ORRSA” has extensive experience in the direction of finishing works on facades and interior finishing works of premises, carrying out waterproofing, thermal insulation and soundproofing works of varying complexity. The high qualifications of our employees and the quality of materials are a guarantee of reliable protection of the building foundation from the negative effects of atmospheric precipitation, groundwater, condensate, various liquids, contact with which is possible during the operation of building structures.

Your home, like any living organism, has supply and waste-disposal systems. Our engineers will design utility systems depending on your budget and needs; these can be both classic and innovative. For intermittent operation of the system, our experts will install the utilities strictly observing the designer’s requirements and using only modern installation techniques.

Our company provides services in the development of internal and external systems for:

  • power supply
  • water supply
  • heat supply (local and central)
  • ventilation and air conditioning
  • gas supply
  • wastewater (sewage) disposal

We also install and maintain the smart home system. It is an automated coordinator of all devices in your house.

Smart home integrates the digital CCTV; security and fire system and access control; lighting and climate control; water, gas and electricity supply; multiroom system and appliance control. Over 100 functions performed without your participation to ensure a comfortable life.

Landscaping services include landscape construction, land development, beautification, gardening and handling of plants.
The art of wise use of wildlife potential follows certain rules. Understanding the biological characteristics of plants is an important condition for professional landscape design.

A roof is not only a building’s complex shielding element, but also an important design component. Rafters play the main role in the reliability of a roof. Our engineers will develop an individual structure in accordance with the load-bearing capacity and the overall design of the house. Designers will choose a modern roofing material for your home, taking into account the overall design and personal preferences.

We also perform maintenance of buildings, their elements and systems.

Our experts ensure:

  • routine control of the technical condition of utilities and equipment;
  • scheduled replacement of all elements upon completion of the operation period or calendar service life;
  • scheduled and unscheduled damage repair;
  • smart home system maintenance;
  • preparation for seasonal use of the building or facility and other maintenance-related services.
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