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Robust processes
High-quality construction
State-of-the-art solutions

Responsibility for delivering contractual and financial obligations at every service stage.

ORRSA offers comprehensive house
design, construction and reconstruction solutions within the set timeframe and with a ten-year warranty.

Anno 1999

Over 20 years on construction market


Projects successfully implemented in five
countries worldwide


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About company

ORRSA’s motto since day one is to build well and on time.

ORRSA is a full-cycle construction company offering a whole range of services, from designing to turnkey project delivery and eventual maintenance and upkeep.

Since 1999, the company successfully implemented projects in London, Riga,Berlin, France and Russia.

We offer a ten-year warranty for our construction services!

About company

ORRSA’s motto since day one is to build well and on time


ORRSA’s mission has been unchanged for over 20 years: to build fine houses using modern eco-friendly materials under the supervision of professionals on each stage

We offer comprehensive construction and renovation services for historical buildings on the French Côte d’Azur and in other countries


Our team consists of certified experts in their fields with international construction experience

Each construction state is controlled by a lead expert.


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Villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat #1

Villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Under construction
Villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat 2 #1

Villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat 2

Under construction
Apartment No. 1 in One Hyde Park residential complex in London #1

Apartment No. 1 in One Hyde Park residential complex in London

Berlin apartment reconstruction #1

Berlin apartment reconstruction



First of all, we draw up the strategy and budget of the upcoming construction. The client receives all the necessary materials helping them to evaluate the project and define specific requirements for the future design. We are committed to offering state- of-the-art solutions that are both cost-efficient and functional.

Engineering design

We develop project documentation: layout plan, architectural proposal, structural concepts, documents on fire safety and improved energy efficiency, as well other necessary documentation. Then we follow the established procedure to agree these documents with controlling entities and the client.

Interior and exterior design

We offer a whole range of design-related services: façade design, finishing design, interior design, façade restoration and interior restoration.


We perform all construction stages on a turnkey basis: groundbreaking and concreting; erection of walls and floors; finishing and insulation; installation of utilities and equipment; roofing, etc.


Control at all stages of the project lifecycle: making sure that the project under construction corresponds to the initial design; cost and material quality control; selection of reliable suppliers; effective management of the construction team; detailed reporting at each construction stage.


Personalized information support of construction projects to increase their economic value. You will receive updates about the best offers on the market. If you employ a third party for your construction, information support is available on an individual basis.

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